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The NDIS process

What is the NDIS

About the NDIS factsheet.

How to get into the NDIS

Factsheet about accessing the NDIS.

Participant Pathway: Your guide to being an NDIS Participant

Preparing for the planning conversation

A factsheet and checklist are available from the NDIA to help develop your first NDIS plan and get ready for you planning conversation. 

Starting your plan factsheets

Tandem is hearing that Mental Health Carers have difficulties understanding NDIS plans and indentifying a person to help their loved ones put the plan into action. NDIA has released new factsheets to help Mental Health Carers with the steps to take to start an NDIS plan.

Starting your plan will give an overview of what to do.

Starting your plan with a Support Coordinator
 helps understand how a support coordinator can help.

Starting your plan with a Local Area Coordinator
 helps understand how an LAC can help start the plan.

Starting my plan as an NDIS self-managed participant
 helps understand the steps if the person you care for is managing their own plan.

There is also a factsheet, Accessing supports for my child, which provides information about Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI). You can find all of the factsheets on the NDIS website.

NDIS plan extensions

Some NDIS participants that have scheduled plan reviews coming up in November will have their plans extended. Learn more about plan extensions on the NDIA website.

You can go to the NDIS webpage that lists all of their factsheets on one page. It also has an events section where you can see what’s on in your area.

NDIS Fact Sheet: Supports the NDIS will fund in relation to mental health services

Carers Australia’s Peer Conversation Partners Project

NDIS Guide and Checklist for Mental Health Carers

Discussion paper on Mental Health Carers and the NDIS

In addition to the resources mentioned, the National Disability Insurance Agency has recently released a new fact sheet on Psychosocial disability, recovery and the NDIS.

Guide to consumer rights in the NDIS

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) released the new guide and resources to support people with disability in understanding and using their rights when buying goods and services under the NDIS.