The values and principles that guide the everyday work of the Carer Lived Experience Network (CLEW).


Respect icon - a handshake in the shape of a heart



We model respect for ourselves and others including people from different disciplines and lived experience perspectives. We are open to different worldviews and we encourage others to do the same.

Accountability icon - a document with a graph and a pencil



We are clear about and promote family/carer lived experience roles. We develop and maintain the skills and knowledge we need to do our job and we drive the creation of structures and evidence necessary for our discipline. 


Advocacy icon - a fist pumping the air



We are informed about services and issues impacting family and support networks. We use our knowledge and expertise to understand, educate and advocate for families within the mental health sector and the community. 


Collaboration icon - people icons joined with arrows



We promote collaborative practices that are inclusive of all perspectives. 


Relationships, connection, community, mutual


We explore our lived experiences together for stronger relationships to cultivate and foster belonging and hope, and build connections between individuals, colleagues/teams, and communities. 




Our work is founded on a meaningful, empathetic and mutual connection that is supportive, safe and accessible, and nurtured by wisdom gained by sharing experiences. 




We acknowledge, value and respond to the unique needs of people from all backgrounds and perspectives. 




We aim to include a consistent framework to guide our practice. We remain open to new ideas, experiences, and new ways of doing things. 




We embrace a culture of curiosity and mutual learning for the wellbeing and opportunity for all.